Energy Friends

Energy Friends

Energy Friends were established in 2017 to provide energy efficiency, fuel debt advice and support to households in target communities across County Durham through a network of trained volunteer community ‘Energy Friends’.

If you are a householder interested in installing new energy efficiency measures such as insulation, solar panels or a new renewable heating and hot water system Energy Friends can provide expert advice and guidance on any grants you may be entitled to. Our trained energy friends can also provide expert fuel debt advice for households struggling with their energy bills.

Since 2017 Energy Friends have provided advice and support to hundreds of households across County Durham helping them make energy efficiency improvements to their homes and saving thousands of pounds on household energy bills

The best way to contact your local energy friend is to email the team and someone will contact you directly to provide the advice and support you need. Don’t delay email today! if you don’t have an email address you can also call our Energy Friends coordinator telephone 07860907354

Energy Friends Towns and Villages Projects :

South Moor : Pine, Poplar, Elm and Mitchell Streets, Park Road

Craghead : Front Street, Edward, Wylam, Railway Streets, Wagtail, Greylindstadt, Oesterley and Holmside Terraces

Ferryhill : Davy and Newton, Stevenson, Bessemer and Renne Streets

Ramshaw and Cockfield : Gordon and Esperley Lane

Chilton : West Chilton Terrace, Dean Bridge Row

Newfield : High Row

Pity Me : Low Carrs Estate

Croxdale : Salvin Street, Woodview

Volunteer community ‘Energy Friends’, supported by an experienced Energy Friend Coordinator, are able to advise about reducing energy usage, accessing grants, and making savings on energy bills. Don’t delay make contact today!

If you don’t have an email address you can also call our Energy Friends coordinator telephone 07860907354


All our Energy Friends are trained community volunteers supported by experienced energy efficiency professionals. Volunteering as an Energy Friend is a great way to help your neighbours access advice and grants to improve their homes.  By making homes more energy efficient Energy Friends combat climate change and reduce harmful carbon emissions in their communities. If you are interested in volunteering and being trained as an Energy Friend please complete the contact form on the Contact Us page.

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